28 February 2012

Desperate Mary

Mary is drowning in her super tedious life. She has been thinking about something that could change her life. Something extraordinary that would make her feel special. Apparently, it leads her to make some changes on an unexpected object. Her hair.

“Make it Red!” she said to the Stylist.

“Are you sure?” the Stylist seems a little bit worried because Mary has literally a dark hair color. “There is another option, if you care to consider. Light brown would seem flawless on you”.

“No no no no... I have tried that one, so boring!”

Is it just me, or Mary is being really really desperate right now, that she force the Stylist to dye her hair in- wait, Red? A couple seconds then,

“Well if you insist, let’s do it!” the Stylist agreed. “I will make some changes to your hair style as well, if you don’t mind. I was thinking to make it shorter. Like a long bob style. It will fit to your Red hair. We’ll see!”

Mary is thinking for a while, and then...

“Okay, do whatever it takes. You’re the Stylist, you know a lot more than me. Just make it great, and quick”.


An hour and fifteen minutes passed. Mary can’t wait any longer to see her brand new hair. The Stylist cut it off before coloring it, which then, she feels it's too short.

She actually has a beautiful long hair that makes other girls jealous of her. And it’s not because of her hair that lately she felt bored and annoyed to herself. Mary just felt that she needed a rebound, and a little change. Just then, she thought about this crazy idea.

The Stylist drying Mary’s wet hair with a hairdryer. A couple minutes later, He gets Mary’s hair done.

Mary surprised, now she can look at her very short hair style. It’s a little bit weird, she guesses. Everybody knew that Mary has chubby cheeks, but somehow, her face now looks rounder than usual.

“Look at you!” the Stylist proudly presents his work on Mary’s hair. “I barely know you! You are far better in this style than before. You look fresher and younger”.

Mary is slightly pouting. No one will give a poor judge on his own work. She keeps looking at the mirror, she barely recognize herself either. With a round chubby face like a ball and red hair, worst, she thought she’s been looking at an apple. Red Apple!

“DAMN....” She mumbled. “I wish I didn't allow him to cut my hair”.

Sadly, the gone hair will never get back, or it will be back - at least - in the next two years.


  1. Semoga saja si Mary bukan penulis dan pemilik blog ini

  2. Saya - mungkin - suatu saat akan segila itu.
    Tapi untuk saat ini, saya tidak punya alasan mengubah judul postingan ini menjadi "Desperate Evi" :)